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Disaster Prep – Your Pets are Part of the Plan!

May 28, 2014

In the case of a disaster, do you have a plan that includes your pets? Already this spring tornadoes have leveled parts of the Midwest, so disaster planning takes on a new and more important meaning. Rarely in all of this planning are pets mentioned. When disaster hits, they can be cast out into the storm or left to fend for themselves, often with disastrous consequences. How…  

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Tips For Walking Your Dog

February 24, 2014

Dogs, no matter how big or small they are in stature, need daily exercise. Ideally, this translates into several walks a day. Exercise is good for canines for the same reasons it’s good for people: it boosts circulation, fights pet obesity and offers excellent mental stimulation. Besides, it’s a great way to spend quality time together and to meet up with both doggie and human…  

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Pet Theft: Who Filched Fido?

February 05, 2014

We usually try and keep on the lighter side here, but this week’s post is no laughing matter. Pet theft is a thing, and it is an increasingly prevalent thing. I am sure that in many cases what pet owners think is theft is actually a dog or cat escaping under its own power, but pet theft does occur and it seems to be on…  

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