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Tag Archives: leashes

How to Leash Train Your Cat

October 12, 2015

Because it’s so much safer for cats to enjoy an indoors-only lifestyle as they are protected from predators, traffic and disease, they often lose out on fresh air and sunshine. But you can give your feline the best of both worlds by training her to walk on a leash. The first time you put a leash on a fully-grown cat and say “Come on, let’s…  

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Night Time Can be the Right Time to Walk Your Dog

April 09, 2014

Here in Nebraska, the days are gradually getting longer and that means more hours of daylight. For someone who loves warm weather, that’s a plus. But walking your dog in the heat of the day (especially in July or August) is not always enjoyable. I like to take my pets for a stroll in the dusk or even after dark. For me, it’s an enjoyable…  

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Love Me, Love My Dog

February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day has become a popular holiday on the pet calendar. There is a lot of fun merchandise to celebrate the holiday such as collars, leashes and T-shirts with fun heart-and-love inspired designs to great doggie confectionery. Did you share in the celebration with your pet this year? A survey conducted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) a few years ago revealed that 34 percent…  

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