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Tag Archives: megan and super smiley

Super Smiley’s Top 10 for Be Kind to Animals Week!

May 04, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here. I’m the official ambassador of Kindness for the Animal Film Festival, so I’m all over this one! Kindness to Animals is a 365 day way of life for lots of people, and May 4-10 is a time we all can celebrate “Be Kind To Animals.” My latest film won me the Ambassador of Kindness job, so Megan and I have a Top…  

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“Mutt” Super Smiley on May Day for Mutts!

May 01, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and I’m a mutt with the scoop that May Day for Mutts is the most wonderful celebration ever!  Created by Karen Derrico the author of “Unforgettable Mutts: Pure of Heart Not of Breed,” May Day for Mutts is officially the first Sunday of May, but really goes through the whole month! So, it’s not just a one-day May “Day,” but…  

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Inner City Kids and Dogs, Super Smiley and Kindness

April 28, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog, here to tell you about my seven-week experience working with inner city kids during my Kindness with Super Smiley® project. What I know is when I go into a new situation to share Kindness, I smile and look them in the eye and people come over and pet me and the work begins. Some kids were afraid of me at first,…  

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Earth Day: 16 Ways to Go Green with Your Pets!

April 22, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and in observing people, I’ve noticed that they are making more and more choices to help keep the Earth greener. Since we pets are part of the family, we want to get in on Earth Day, too. So I’ve got some ways you can go green with your pets! You all can probably guess the top two, but since they…  

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