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Tag Archives: Megan Blake

Top 5 Commands to Teach Your Dog

December 22, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and as a dog, I vote “yes” on training! Training lets us feel totally confident and comfortable in our environment. We know what’s good, what’s safe and what gets us super good attention and rewards. We also know clearly what not to do. So all we have to do is not do that thing, and we’re good! Often what makes…  

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5 Ways to Help Your Dog with Arthritis

December 14, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and I don’t have arthritis, but I have dog friends who do, and it can be sad to see them slow down and not play anymore. So this is my first thought. If your dog seems to be slowing down, don’t just think it’s normal because “he’s getting older.” Instead take him to his veterinarian, because when he’s diagnosed, you…  

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Ticks 101: A Quick Guide

December 03, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog, here sayin’, “We pets need help in the battle against ticks!” They not only carry diseases specific to their species, but they can pick up diseases from deer, birds and dogs, and then pass along those new diseases to more deer, birds, dogs and people! They can find hosts by detecting our breath, our smells and some can even sense the…  

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16 Important Winter Safety Tips for Pets

November 30, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and I’m a big dog. A big dog who’s very cold natured! So I have some personal tips on keeping your pet safe and warm in winter. Keep your pet indoors! I can’t imagine being left outside in the cold! Exposed skin like paw pads, noses and ears are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite. Dress for winter! Yep, get your…  

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