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Tag Archives: pet safety

Can Your Pet Get Carded? Pet ID Week

April 16, 2015

Every time I walk out the door without my wallet, I feel a little internal tension — a little voice saying, “What if you get pulled over? What if you get in an accident?” and I almost always have to turn around and go get it. If only our pets felt the same way. But the problem of stray dogs and feral cats proves that…  

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Every Day is Tag Day: Why You Should Identify Your Pet

April 02, 2015

I’ve learned that my dog, Zoey, a miniature schnauzer/yorkie mix, can be very mischievous. Our yard is not fenced in, but we trained her to stay by the house when she’s outside and to come in when called. She was well behaved…or so we thought. I remember one time when she saw a rabbit and her focus changed in an instant. ZOOM! Off she went…  

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Take Steps to Prevent a Pet Poisoning Today

March 05, 2015

As an ER veterinarian, interesting cases are never in short supply. Some are tragic, some are heroic, but there’s never a dull day. Poisoning is a common reason for pets to make a trip to their local veterinary ER. In this blog post, I’ll discuss and give you tips on: Some of the more common poisonings that pets encounter How to pet safe your home…  

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National Pet Theft Day: What To Do When Your Dog Goes Missing

February 12, 2015

Have you ever had a pet that went missing with no explanation? In most cases, it can be chalked up to an inadvertently opened gate or door, but in some cases, pet theft could be to blame. I try and keep the attitude that people are inherently good, but there are pet thieves among us and awareness is strength when it comes to keeping your…  

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