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Happy to Join PHC as the Newest Blogger!

September 30, 2014

Hi, Pet Health Central! I am thrilled to join this community of bloggers and pet lovers. I have quite a big heart for dogs and cats and am fortunate to have the chance to promote pet wellness with my work in interactive marketing. I grew up in Omaha, Neb., with at least one dog in the home at all times. From a young age I…  

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World Rabies Day: Sept. 28

September 25, 2014

When I was first asked to write about rabies, I misunderstood and started writing about babies. I have some experience in that area, having two of them currently under my roof and also being a former baby myself. Then I refocused d little bit and saw that the topic at hand was actually rabies. World Rabies Day is this Sunday, Sept. 28 and is intended to raise…  

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Why It’s NOT A Good Idea To Take A Pet To College

September 03, 2014

Every year, when kids go off to college, the topic of taking their favorite pet along or  adopting a cat or dog as a college companion crops up. For various reasons, this is NOT a good idea. First, not many schools allow pets in on-campus housing and owning a pet is a commitment that is difficult to hide. Dogs need to go for walks. Cats…  

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Are You a ‘Good’ Pet Owner?

September 10, 2013

We had a great response and a lot of interaction last year when we did a blog piece on responsible pet ownership, so I thought we could revisit it with a similar topic: what makes for a good pet owner? ‘Responsible’ is one thing – that’s like having a savings account, flossing and contributing to your 401(k) (in other words, a tad dull). But being a…  

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