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Tag Archives: petsafety

After the Move: Transitioning With Your Pet

January 27, 2014

Moving can be a traumatic experience for your pet. But you can help ease your furry family member into your new home with a few easy tips. Wait until the movers have delivered everything and left the premises before transferring your pets to your new address. With cats, choose a room and make it her temporary home for at least a week, putting everything in…  

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Household Dangers for Cats and Dogs

October 26, 2013

If you have pets, it’s really important to view your home from their perspective and secure certain standard household items, which could in fact be hazardous to your pet’s health. I’ve decided to break down the list in terms rooms where such dangers are most likely to occur. BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOMS AND DENS Electrical cords should be your number one priority. This is a serious trouble…  

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Duck! It’s Almost Animal Safety and Protection Month!

October 13, 2013

Recent natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Tropical Storm Sandy have highlighted the damage than Mother Nature can wreak when she sets her sights on human habitations, but the pain and suffering are not exclusively for people; estimates differ, but The Atlantic posits more than 600,000 pets were killed or stranded after Katrina. Eight thousand were rescued and cared for in shelters. The numbers speak…  

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National Pet Fire Safety Day

July 16, 2013

In summer, there’s nothing better than a roaring campfire and some marshmallows for roasting. Make sure this year the marshmallows are the only thing you roast. As you know by now,  July 15th is recognized as National Pet Fire Safety Day. I know what you’re thinking – did we really need this day? I mean don’t we already have National Don’t Set your Dog On Fire…  

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