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Saying Goodbye to Nestle

August 07, 2012

Hello again, PHC friends! This post is really difficult for me to write, but I want to keep you updated on my adventures with Nestle, my guide dog for the past seven years. As much as I wish otherwise, the time has come for Nestle to officially retire from service and live as a ridiculously spoiled pet. I love her more than I can adequately…  

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dog at desk with computer

Bringing Pets to Work Lowers Stress

April 06, 2012

It’s long been known that owning a pet is beneficial for your overall health. Now, a new scientific study is extending the good news: taking your pet to work with you measurably lowers your stress. A study by Professor Randolph Barker (no really, that’s his name. I can’t make this stuff up!), out of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business, shows that not only…  

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A Boy, His Dogs and World Down Syndrome Day

A Boy, His Dogs and World Down Syndrome Day

March 21, 2012

Here in our office, just as it happens in offices all over the world every day, we chat with our colleagues and get to know them better. After all, some days we spend more hours with them than we do our families at home! Here at Sergeant’s, one of the nice things about what we do – working in the pet industry – is that we get…  

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