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Finding Pet-Friendly Vacation Accommodations

July 12, 2013

These days it’s easy to travel with pets, due in no small part to the growing number of suitable accommodations. In fact, the leisure industry is going out of its way to put out the welcome mat for pets. Whether you are staying at a hotel chain or a boutique hotel, the establishments concerned usually set aside a certain number of rooms for pets –…  

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America’s Pet-Friendly Vacation Cities

June 21, 2013

As we get closer to the summer travel season, it’s time to lock plans into place and for many people that includes planning to take their pet along on vacation. recently announced what the travel website deemed to be America’s most pet-friendly cities. The cities featured were ranked in terms of their number of pet-friendly hotels, off-leash dog parks and their general layout for…  

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Vet Tips: Traveling With Your Pet

June 14, 2013

We don’t live in Middle Earth but if we did, and Gandolf came knocking on your door and asked if you were ready for an adventure and travel, would you be willing to go? Of course! But you would not leave your beloved pets behind and would want to take them with you. You would certainly ask yourself before setting off with the white-bearded guy with the deep…  

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Adventure Travel with Your Dog? Yes, Please!

August 15, 2012

Summer’s winding down, but it’s still travel season and if you’re planning a vacation it means taking your dog along with you, making a reservation for your pooch at a doggie hotel or planning a staycation for him at home with a reliable pet sitter in charge. But there’s another option that focuses on planning a vacation around your dog! There are lots of fabulous…  

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