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A Feel-Good Adoption Story That Will Lift Your Spirits

August 11, 2014

Short of finding a cure for cancer, or sowing peace throughout the warring parts of the globe, about the best and nicest thing you can do in life is adopt a pet from a shelter. Shelters are overflowing with adoptable pets and the life of a pet in a shelter is anything but pleasant or certain. Adopting a cat or dog from a shelter increases…  

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Training a Therapy Dog

August 05, 2014

Those razor sharp puppy teeth have come out and teething is over! I felt bad for Shelby and Bailey since I could see that they were having some discomfort and a tougher time chewing some things waiting for those permanent teeth to come through. One product I found that helped is Sergeant’s Puppy Teething Bones. They are a bone shape with a curve and are pretty…  

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