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Tag Archives: servicepets

Nestle and The Serious Art of Sleeping

March 28, 2012

Guide dogs need to know how to do a lot of different things in order to do their jobs. They have to learn how to stop at curbs, cross the street in a straight line and lead their handlers around obstacles on the sidewalk. These things are important, but in this post I want to highlight a skill that is often overlooked: taking naps. I…  

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My Life with a Guide Dog

February 07, 2012

Recently, the U.S. celebrated the anniversary of the first guide dog school in the country, and by extension, all other service dogs, too. I thought that would be the perfect time to introduce myself and my own lovely guide dog, to all of you and tell you about our adventures together. I’ve been working with guide dogs on a personal level for quite some time….  

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