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Tag Archives: therapydogs

Having a Therapy Pet is Incredibly Rewarding

August 09, 2013

Occasionally, we add or drop visits to facilities on our calendar for one reason or another. Several years ago, we started going to an extremely nice assisted living facility about three miles from my house. When I visit this particular facility, it reminds me why I love doing what we do. We (my therapy dog and I) have been lucky because the activities director at…  

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A Special Friend for a Special Child

August 05, 2013

Every child goes through “lonely” periods – times during their lives where they feel left out by friends, are frightened of the dark, or have no one close to play with or talk to, except their own family. Although assistance dogs often fill “helper” roles for physically-challenged individuals, they can also fill a truly unique role as ‘special friends’ for children with special needs. Will,…  

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Rocco’s Special, and That’s a Good Thing

July 24, 2013

We are going to start giving our faithful PHC blog readers an inside look into the pets of the PHC bloggers, and I thought I would start by introducing my two dogs. I also have two cats, a cockatiel and three chickens (plus fish! A snake, too!) so this blog series may carry on for a long time! We have two dogs in our household — Rocco and…  

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Studying Getting You Down? Therapy Dogs to the Rescue!

October 19, 2012

It’s that time again! Students are deep into their semester in schools and universities all over the country. This includes college freshmen, some who are away from home for the very first time – and dealing with demanding studies and exams without the familiar support of home.  As you can imagine, this transition can be extremely hard. So, when the vice president of Beta Theta Pi contacted…  

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