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Bo the Therapy Dog’s ICU Encounter

June 28, 2012

Bo and I are also registered volunteers to go into a couple of the hospitals in our area. One evening, everything started out as usual: Bo proudly walked through the lobby of the hospital, ready to work, and we checked in on the computer at the welcome desk. We proceeded to the elevator, up to a patient floor and down the corridor to one of the…  

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Take Me Out to The Ball Game

May 17, 2012

As part of a reading incentive program with the Omaha Storm Chasers baseball team, all of the kids at my school and their families are invited to a baseball game at Werner Park this month. Some of my kids even earned free tickets by achieving their reading goals. Since I consider myself one of the gang, although four-legged and fuzzier than the others, I was…  

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Some Visits Can Be Tough

May 09, 2012

One of the toughest parts of making pet assisted therapy visits can be visiting senior citizens. Not because seniors are difficult to visit with, but because they are in the last chapters of their lives. We have several different facilities that we visit each month where the seniors range in age to above 100! When you visit the same facilities month after month, you can’t help but…  

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Bo Goes to College

April 13, 2012

Most people think about pet therapy visits as going to visit hospitals and nursing homes…that visits are usually to visit senior citizens. That’s the way our visits started out when we got involved with pet assisted therapy. We have enjoyed many of those and continue to visit many facilities with seniors. But we’ve found an entirely different group of individuals that benefit from our visits that most…  

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