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Rod’s Top 3 Things Vets Wish Pet Owners Knew

November 25, 2014

Dr. Tony gave some great advice last week on what veterinarians wish that pet owners knew! I have three more to add to that list: Are follow-up examinations/recheck visits important? As veterinarians, we realize it may seem like an inconvenience to bring your pet back into our hospitals/offices for their follow-up exam. Besides he/she seems much better, so why bother? However, the recheck can be…  

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Tony’s Top 3 Things Vets Wish Pet Owners Knew

November 18, 2014

Communication in all areas of life is important — you have to let your spouse or loved one know what you’re thinking (how many times have you heard “I’m not a mind reader!”), you have to communicate with your kids (even if they seem to speak a foreign language), and you have to communicate with people at work to get things done. One vital area…  

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Reverse Sneezing: You Can Stay Home for This One

December 04, 2013

Emergency rooms are magical places of brown smells, buzzing fluorescent lights, long wait times and stale coffee, so I can see why people really want to spend large quantities of time there with their pets (I kid). Some of the more obtuse conditions that have I have observed to cause folks to saunter in with their companions over the years include: Eye boogers — no kidding, someone…  

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Ask Dr. Rod: What is Vestibular Disease?

November 20, 2013

Do you remember the game of two or more kids (usually) placing their forehead on the end of a baseball bat with the other end touching the ground? As rapidly as possible, they spin around 10 times, keeping their foreheads touching the bat’s end. Then they try to run a predetermined distance toward a finish line? The whole concept of this is to make you…  

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