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Pet Diabetes: Is Your Pet at Risk?

November 16, 2013

I remember the first few times I diagnosed diabetes (also known as diabetes mellitus) in someone’s pet, I was met with a shocked, “Pets can get diabetes?” The same phenomenon happened with cancer, heart failure and a host of other diseases. I rarely get that quizzical look anymore, which I think is testament to the success of public information campaigns like Pet Diabetes Month, which…  

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Why is My Pet Scratching?

November 13, 2013

In veterinary practice every day we see a variety of problems presented to us about your pets. One of the more common problems or complaints we hear about is, “Doc, why is my dog scratching? I don’t see any fleas and besides, I have given Muffy a flea bath and applied some of that topical stuff…but she still itches!” While fleas can cause the “itchies”…  

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What You Should Know: Pet Cancer

October 29, 2013

As the resident “theme month” specialist here at the PHC blog, I now must turn my attention to a more somber topic than usual. No more Poodle Hula Hoop Month, or National Dress Your Chihuahua like a Burrito Week, but a more ominous topic: the ‘big K’ of cancer. October, in addition to being carved pumpkin and candy corn (blecccch!) month, is Pet Cancer Awareness…  

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Veterinary Technicians: Unsung Heroes of Veterinary Medicine

October 18, 2013

Getting a pet from sick to well, or keeping a healthy pet healthy, takes a team approach. Veterinarians (like me) may want to hog all the glory for ourselves, but the truth is that we couldn’t do it without trained, talented and caring members of our team. The week of Oct 13-18th has been designated National Veterinary Technician Week by NAVTA, the National Association of…  

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