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How to Make Vet Trips With Your Cat Easier

August 21, 2015

It’s a sad but true fact that cats get fewer visits to the vet’s office than their canine friends do. One of the main reasons for this is because often it’s quite the rigmarole to get them there, so owners give up trying. This exacerbates the issue of feline health in general because a regular check-up means that issues can be caught early and cured,…  

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Ask a Vet Your Pet Health Questions on Facebook! #ASKAVET

July 11, 2014

Where do you go for information about your pets? Online? The vet’s office? While both can at times be great sources of information, the internet is chock-full of misinformation (some of which can be downright dangerous to your pet) and many websites offer “information” that’s just a thin veneer for a sales pitch. And while veterinarians are a valuable and trusted source of good animal…  

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