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The Top 3 Dog Ailments and How We Treat Them

August 07, 2013

Our pets are inextricably tied into our lives and when they become ill, we all feel the pain. Below are the top 3 dog diseases (just based on my experience) and what we, as veterinarians, recommend to treat them. This list could go on and on, but I just skimmed off the top three medical conditions that we treat to save you time. (Next up…  

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Veterinarian Q&A: Senior Pets

January 18, 2013

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2013 As veterinary medicine advances, our pets are living longer. That means more pet owners are dealing with the issues that come with age. Here is the next installment of the series, including some of the most common questions I get from pet owners. Q: As my dog ages, are there mental changes I should look for? Sometimes it is hard to…  

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Older Pets: What You Need to Know

November 28, 2012

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2013 Fall is a time when we start thinking about slowing down and changing. Leaves are doing it, I tend to do it, bears do it, frogs go underground and spend the cold months in their little mucus tubes… It is also a time of year that we start to think of transitions and accepting the gradual wearing away of youth, trading…  

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Dr. Tony Show

WATCH: Holiday Pet Horrors? Dr. Tony to the Rescue!

November 20, 2012

To help prepare your home and your pet for guests during the holidays, follow the advice of Tony Johnson, DVM, and his Sergeant’s sidekick, Kelly, in the latest edition of The Dr. Tony Show.  Welcome to Episode 4: Thanksgiving Edition! Dr. Tony explains ways to avoid embarrassing fiascos during the busy holiday season. He offers advice about how to prevent and eliminate hairballs…who wants to see that…  

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