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Tag Archives: winter

Winter Safety and Exercise for Pets

December 17, 2015

I can’t hold out hope for warmer weather any longer. Winter is upon us and with winter come some winter pet hazards and the ever present threat of boredom and inactivity – for you and your pet. This time of year, there’s lots of pet-related information about keeping your pets safe and comfortable in the chilly weather, so I thought I’d share some of that…  

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16 Important Winter Safety Tips for Pets

November 30, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and I’m a big dog. A big dog who’s very cold natured! So I have some personal tips on keeping your pet safe and warm in winter. Keep your pet indoors! I can’t imagine being left outside in the cold! Exposed skin like paw pads, noses and ears are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite. Dress for winter! Yep, get your…  

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3 Ways You Can Help Your Pet Avoid Dry Skin

November 19, 2015

Winter is coming and with it comes chilly temperatures and indoor heating. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, so winter tends to be drying, especially for people further north. I think most of us can tell this because our clothes get static-y and when we touch people or our furkids, we tend to accidently shock each other! Hair and fur can suffer the…  

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Winter Warnings to Keep Pets Safe this Winter

December 05, 2012

Updated: November 14, 2013 The winter weather can be very challenging for both pets and their people. I know winter has truly arrived when my cats stand on the top of the couch and refuse to get down. They will sit on my lap until I have positioned a warm and cuddly blanket for them to lie on. Really! It’s hard to believe that they…  

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