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Tag Archives: youngpets

Puppies and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

March 23, 2012

In Honor of National Puppy Day, I wanted to post a few awesome pictures that were shared on our Pet Health Central facebook page. Do you remember when your furry friend was just a pup? Or is your pet still a little one? These moments are so precious. It is incredible to see your furry baby grow, learn and change right before your eyes. I…  

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Relaxed dog with tennis ball

Minding Your Manners in the Dog Park

November 17, 2011

Dogs are social animals that, in their natural state, live in social groups. In today’s world, however, pet dogs may not have the chance to mingle and mix as much as they would like. Now, I’m not suggesting that your beloved beagle isn’t perfectly happy to hang out with you and watch TV, but running and frolicking with those who like to roll in dirt,…  

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