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Man’s Best Friend is Now Woman’s Best Friend

Move over men! Women are quickly changing the “man’s best friend” adage about dogs and pets in general. According to a recent SheByShe survey, 85 percent of women said that their pet is their best friend. But pet adoration doesn’t end with best friend. Did you know that a whopping 99 percent of participants said that their pet is a member of the family? As a proud mom of…  

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Choosing the Right Toy for Your Dog

The holiday season is a great time of year to restock the doggie toy box. But before you fill up, be sure to toss out anything that is torn or broken and could cause a health hazard if chewed and swallowed. Dogs not only love but need three distinct types of toys to keep them both mentally and physically stimulated. These types of toys are…  

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What To Do If Someone Brings A Pet To Your Party

This holiday season, many of us will welcome family and guests into our homes for meals, games and gift exchanges. Your pet may enjoy being around your visitors, or having a safe space available for when he needs a break from the action. But what happens if another pet comes over for the festivities? This could make your furry family member very stressed. I think we have all…  

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5. bootie training

When Does My Dog Really Need a Coat and Booties?

Doggie fashion has become mainstream: there are dog coats, sweaters and slickers galore. Fashionistas will be predisposed to don a coat on their dog just because it’s winter, while there are those who view dog fashion as frivolous and think nature has provided. So, what’s the real deal? Like humans, dogs need to keep their organs and limbs at an optimum temperature, theirs being between…  

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