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Tularemia: Another Threat from Ticks

When I first heard of “tularemia,” it sounded like something I’d plant in my perennial garden. You know, “Oh, that flowering plant over there? It’s tularemia. It’s hardy and loves the sun!” Nope. Turns out tularemia is yet another nasty disease spread by ticks, and it’s in the news. On  July 13, the New Mexico Department of Health confirmed that a 51-year-old man had contracted tularemia….  

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Sandy’s Top 7 Rescues She Loves

There are thankfully, more than 12,000 rescue groups and shelters across the country all working towards the same goal of finding every pet in their care a forever home and ultimately declaring America a no-kill nation. They all do amazing work, thanks to tireless volunteers who offer their help and support to a small nucleus of professionals by comparison. This post recognizes some of the…  

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Help! My Dog Went on the Carpet!

Here at Pet Health Central, we’ve discussed how important it is to clean up after your dog outside. But, unless you are extremely lucky (like, go-buy-a-lottery-ticket-and-win lucky), your pet will, at some time, have had an accident in the house. “It” happens and when “it” does, you’ve got to get it cleaned up. If you’re sort of lucky (scored-a-spot-in-front-of-the-grocery-store lucky), the accident will have happened…  

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Canine Influenza: What’s All the Fuss About?

It’s been all over the news lately – canine influenza. What is this bug and where did it come from? Is it a real threat to pets, or just media hype? I’ll try and answer some of those questions in this post. The influenza viruses cause a condition known as the “flu” from the shortened version of the virus name. The flu, in many species,…  

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